Celebrate a multicultural journey of the senses in Perth at the Swan Festival of Lights

The Swan Festival of Lights (SFOL) 2017 – ‘Celebrating Deepavali Together’ is set to take Perth once again on a multicultural journey of the senses, adorning the foreshore with a vivid experience of colours, rhythms and flavours.

This free entry Festival is a smoke and alcohol free family event that will be held over three days at Supreme Court Gardens, Perth, from Friday 13 October to Sunday 15 October.

Since its inception in 2008, the Swan Festival of Lights has flourished each year, attracting great crowds to celebrate the vivacious and enriching Indian festival of Deepavali (Diwali).

A joyous occasion observed by Indians across the world, Deepavali is a celebration of the Inner Light that resides in all of us. Just as we celebrate the birth of our physical being, Deepavali celebrates the positive permutations of ‘Light’ – hope, peace, harmony, knowledge, joy and truth – and its dispelling of ‘darkness’.

This universal theme of light triumphing darkness serves as the foundation of the Festival and inspires a unifying experience.

The festival opens with an inauguration by the Premier commemorating the 10th year anniversary.

Last year more than 35,000 Perth patrons had attended the Swan Festival of Lights over three days in this popular festival which is celebrated by over a billion people across the globe.

This year’s Swan Festival of Lights, themed ‘An Indian Journey’, is celebrated through an array of dance, music, painting, rhythms and wondrous vegetarian food. From ancient times to Independent India – a land soaked in legend, splendorous beauty, tradition, colour, rhythm and spice.

SMV, through a rich variety of Indian folk, tribal and village dances, will transport you on a magical journey through the mystical stories and rhythms of this ancient land to the modern medleys of the latest and energizing Bollywood hits culminating every evening in a soaring vibrant explosion of fireworks.

This vibrant State of Punjab, with colourful Sikh turbans and their vivacious Bhangra dancers, will be showcased in all its glory, The entire ‘Punjab experience’, including a Punjab village scene, is made possible due to generous collaboration of the local members of Perth’s Punjabi community.

As a special treat, on Saturday night (14 October) after the fireworks, all the patrons are invited to join in the mass “Bhangra Under the Stars”.

This year’s festival presents fabulous yoga, cooking, art, music, dance workshops and demonstrations, along with family friendly activities.

For more details on the 2017 Swan Festival of Lights, please visit www.sfol.com.au