Review: Heath Franklin’s Chopper ‘Bogan Jesus’

In today’s society where everyone is focused on political correctness Heath Franklin doesn’t. His comedic impersonation of the deceased criminal Chopper doesn’t follow any rules but often makes some serious sense.

His new show certainly had the audience on high laugh alert with his ability to ‘tell it how it is’ all the while having his trademark few beers during the act.

I went to last year’s show at the Regal which I must say left me a little disappointed as it wasn’t up to his usual level of laughs.  I was a little dubious about whether this new show would deliver the necessary laughs for the one man on a stage show.

I’m pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed… Chopper starts the show lying under a sheet and is empowered by God to start a new religion.

Coming back to life (just like Jesus) Chopper explains his new religion to the audience and his new version of the 10 commandments. Franklin mixes his take on religion with a lot of hilarious anecdotes along the way. From ‘Be cool about other people’s shit’ to ‘Love thy Bogan’ I couldn’t stop laughing and frankly some of the commandments were on the mark.

From hecklers and people walking across the stage to go to the bar, Franklin’s Chopper maintains his character and ad libs with witty asides throughout.

During confession Franklin pulls out his mini chopper puppet and chooses a member of the audience to take part. She was a good sport and confessed well…

The talented Franklin’s ability to keep the jam-packed audience laughing throughout Bogan Jesus shows that his humour still has a place.

If swearing, stereotyping and all around ‘Boganess’ offend you then this isn’t the show for you, but if you need a dose of non-political correctness then get ready for a night of belly laughs with Chopper’s Bogan Jesus.

As Chopper says, “You Bloody Legend” and that’s right!

Heath Franklin’s Chopper ‘Bogan Jesus’

State Library Theatrette at Fringe Central
6-11 Feb at 9.45pm

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