Review: Gran in a Van

Leonie Clarke proves you’re never too old to try new things. At 55 she entered the world of stand-up comedy and hasn’t looked back.

Tor Snyder opened the show with 15 minutes of stand-up and she even joked that she was the wrong demographic for the majority of the audience.

I loved the way that because it was a ‘gran’ Leonie even gave everyone a biscuit.

She has the audience laughing as she talks about her husband and how annoying he is and why she decided to travel around the country alone in her VW T25 campervan.

The stories she tells us from her adventures from travelling in the wrong direction for 100km to solving urban myths.

After being diagnosed with a brain disorder a few years ago called Chiari Malformation, Leonie tells the audience don’t wait as life is short and you never know what is round the corner.

Don’t miss out seeing this hilarious Gran she will have you stitches and at the end of the show you can even ask her all your burning questions.

Leonie doesn’t mince her words and tells it how it is – sometimes even shocking the audience – Gran in a Van is a delicious and hilarious look at life as you get older.

Gran in a Van

20-25 February at 6.30pm
The Palace Society at Belgian Palace

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