Social and political commentary is always a big part of the Fringe line-up.  40 something Glitta Supernova’s BodyMap show details her life experiences and how society has changed.

She begins the show wearing a Barbie Doll suit which she slowly strips off before she is completely naked.  She remains naked throughout the show only covered by her many tattoos.

It was highly experimental theatre, with a lot of political commentary, personal storytelling and little audience participation.

The most powerful part of the show was when Glitta hanged labels around her neck which had phrases such as saggy tits, too fat, tummy rolls, needs botox and many more statements that many people use in today’s society to label or belittle people.

After she has covered her body with these ‘labels’ she comments that if people reject these ideas they are then labelled, crazy, sluts, bitches or feminists.

Throughout the show I felt rather confused as she jumped from one story to another and it didn’t flow well – I don’t think I was the only one as I could hear others in the audience mumbling about feeling confused.

After the show I spoke to quite a few people to ascertain their thoughts and there was a definite split as to whether they enjoyed the performance or not…

I personally thought it dragged on and was disjointed. Maybe this is what experimental theatre is about; but it seemed to me that Glitta didn’t emphasise the most important messages of the show or connect with her audience.

If you enjoy the alternative, have an open mind and would like to see something you won’t see anywhere else except at Fringe then give BODYMAP a go!


13-17 Feb at 10pm
Casa Mondo at The Pleasure Garden

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