Review: Adulting

The definition of the urban slang Adulting means doing ‘grown up things’, such as paying your bills on time, having a job, cleaning your house, cooking dinner and doing laundry.

In Tash York’s Adulting she captivates the audience with her honesty and amazing voice as she opens up on the harsh realities of being an adult and how it’s okay not to be perfect.

Having racked up $24,000 in parking fines, engaged at 19 and then hitting 25 without having children, Tash shares her life experiences with witty one-liners and popular songs.

From Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby to Disney’s Part of Your World Tash crafts lyrics to explain the anxieties and trouble that we all face growing up while showing off her vocal range and ability to sing almost anything in the process.

Some of the highlights of the show for me were Tash blaming Disney films for our unreal expectations on love, life and how to earn money.

I enjoyed how Tash’s love and passion for her mum is entwined through the show.  Her mum has always been there for to support her even with her $24,000 worth of parking tickets.

We all struggle growing up and I love how Tash has created a relatable, entertaining and funny show that will have you tapping your feet.

I we can’t forget to mention her amazing pianist Jamie who adds the cherry on top to this show. I can’t wait to see what they bring back next year!

So, forgo your ‘smashed avo’ this weekend and see Adulting as growing up is hard but we all face our struggles and it’s a great way to delve into the psyche of the younger demographic and their struggles.


27 January – 2 February at 5.45pm
De Parel Spiegeltent at The Pleasure Garden

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