New book for sale – Western Australia is wonderfully weird

World’s largest-ever animals (bigger than dinosaurs)….and mammals with (relatively) the smallest birthweight and largest testicles.

World-bloodiest ship’s mutiny…and the only town in Australia beginning with X.

An armed battle, Emus v Army, where the emus won…and a tree trunk containing 283 mammal jaws.

The world’s most valuable gold coin (worth $53 million)…and the adopted cat with its own apartment.

World’s strongest wind gust… Earth’s oldest crust…world’s richest diamond and gold sites… world’s biggest trains…birthplace of the axe…and the upside-down river.

There’s a workplace that counted-out workers’ toilet paper…and from WA comes the nation’s richest person, wealthiest woman and biggest taxpayer.

Despite being Australia’s icons, the platypus, koala and kookaburra didn’t live in WA. Rare honey possums live only in WA – but they aren’t possums and they don’t eat honey. WA, it must be said, is staggeringly different.

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