The ship that changed Cunard

With the 1969 introduction of QE2, the Cunard Line forever changed its design and image. From a modern external design to the creation of iconic interior spaces, QE2’s impact is still being felt today. 

In fact, multiple signature spaces aboard QM2, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and the new Queen Anne owe their heritage to QE2

For example, did you know the iconic Cunard Queen‘s Room Ballroom that is a signature of the design of all of the current fleet was first introduced aboard QE2. On QE2, it had the largest floating dance floor yet put to sea and a honeycomb style 1960s inspired ceiling that changed colour during the evening to give the space, a vibrant feel.

Other features that are shared amongst the current fleet include the design of the mast, and the funnel, both of which have origins that link to QE2. Additionally, during subsequent QE2 refits, new spaces were created that are shared with the current fleet. 

These include the Yacht Club nightclub in 1987, and the famous Golden Lion pub in 1994, while the Chart Room Bar and Bookshop were also first introduced aboard QE2. You can find variations of all these spaces on the various Cunard Queens today. To learn more, check out the video from Chris.