Knife and fork talk with the Dining Divas – going for Greek in Beaufort Street

ON a cold, rainy Friday it was a pleasure to visit Estia, a café-restaurant in Beaufort Street, Inglewood.

The atmosphere was warm, friendly and welcoming especially with the greetings from the boss and the cheerful wave from both chefs in the kitchen.

We chose the $20 lunch and ordered a souvlaki platter and a squid salad which also included a glass of wine or Mythos beer.

The souvlaki platter consisted of two skewers, one of chicken and one of beef both deliciously cooked.

Warm pitta bread, grilled haloumi, Greek salad, chips and tzatziki dip adorned the platter.

The squid salad turned out to be baby octopus but that didn’t detract from the most delectable melt in the mouthful mollusc that this Diva has devoured for many a day.

The semi dried tomatoes, fennel, radish and lettuce complemented the seafood perfectly.

Our meals were served to us by a young waiter who took great pleasure in doing his job and he not only looked after us well but was attentive to everyone in the restaurant.

That was our first visit but won’t be the last.

$20 Lunch special valid Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11-3pm.

4 Forks

Estia Café and Restaurant, 836 Beaufort Street, Inglewood. Phone: 9371 5585

Knife and fork talk ratings
Five forks – excellent food and service
Four forks – overall good food and service
Three forks – reasonably good food and  service but could make some improvements
Two forks – food and service needs  improvement
One forks – would not recommend