Social connections are important for all ages…

Zoe Colmer

A Year 11 work placement in aged care last year gave Churchlands Senior High School Student, Zoe Colmer, a special insight into the importance of social connection for older Australians.

So, when Zoe, now in Year 12, heard the impact COVID-19 was having on visits to aged care facilities she wanted to do something to help keep isolated seniors entertained and connected.

Despite her heavy final year study load, Zoe became a ‘virtual volunteer’ for aged care provider Baptistcare.

Each week she makes time to pen a beautiful letter to Baptistcare residents, sharing stories and photos, as well as creating puzzles for them to complete.

“I wanted to help because it brings so much happiness into the lives of seniors by connecting with them socially,” she said.

Zoe also includes a second weekly letter in her dispatch to Baptistcare employees who have been at the frontline of providing care and support in WA during COVID-19.

“I also want to let the team know what a fantastic job they are doing because sometimes their effort isn’t recognised.”

It’s no surprise the joy and friendship Zoe has brought to the lives of Baptistcare residents has been recognised with a prestigious Churchlands Champion Award.

The awards are presented to students who demonstrate outstanding academic work or alternatively uphold the school values in the realms of personal, social or environmental responsibilities.