Penguin Random House Has an Eye to The Future – And They Want Your Input

Whether you’re an occasional reader or avid bookworm, odds are you’re familiar with Penguin Random House and the publisher’s iconic orange-spined paperback books. In fact, one glance at any bookshelf, and you’re likely to see the ubiquitous penguin logo spattered across many of your favourite titles.

Established in 1935, Penguin Books was created in an effort to get books in the hands of people who couldn’t otherwise afford them. By printing high-quality paperbacks, the publisher brought literature to the mass market. Before then, books were much more expensive, and reading was a hobby that only the wealthy could afford. Today, it’s a different story, and that’s due in large part to Penguin’s innovative idea to print quality books on less expensive materials. 

In 2013, Penguin Books merged with another publisher, Random House, making it the world’s largest trade book publisher. And while the brand is steeped in tradition, Penguin Random House nevertheless keeps one eye turned to the future. Funnily enough, the goal of the publisher today is the same as it’s always been: to get more people reading.

The culmination of the brand’s latest effort to do so is the Penguin Australia Reader Survey, the largest survey ever conducted by the publisher. With hopes to better understand Australian readers from all walks of life, the brand is incentivising sign-ups with a tempting prize.

In exchange for taking a few minutes to share your reading habits, Penguin Random House is offering the chance to win $1,000 in cash, $500 worth of books, and a penguin bookcase (pictured) for storing all your beloved books.

The survey is straightforward, asking expected questions such as ‘what is your favourite genre?’ and ‘who are your favourite authors?’ Hoping that the survey will provide the brand with valuable information, Penguin Random House foresees the survey results as the key to shaping future publishing and sales initiatives.

So, if you want to make your voice heard in the wild world of book publishing, now is your chance. By sharing some insight into your reading and book-buying habits, you can impact the way that the publishing house operates moving forward.

Who would’ve thought that technology would be a boon to selling books? But in 2022, that’s the reality. If you’d like to take part, simply fill out the survey before July 31st, and keep your eyes on your email inbox in case you’re the lucky winner!
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