Closed: Maureen: Harbinger of Death

An homage to the voices of older women, told through a queer lens.

A new play that explores the themes of ageing, intergenerational relationships, friendship and death.
Equal parts humorous and moving, it asks how the stories we tell define who we are, and how a new mythology is needed when the old ones no longer serve you.

‘Women like me in stories are crones. We’re witches.”

Subject of The Lester Prize 2019 winning portrait, WAAPA graduate Jonny Hawkins (Joy Boy, RIOT), returns to Perth to perform the premier of his new work, co-created with director Nell Ranney (Belvoir), and designed by Isabel Hudson (MTC, Belvoir).

With minimal costumes and set Hawkins’ performance as Maureen showcases his skills, effortlessly captivating the audience with detailed storytelling.

Hawkins and Ranney first conceived the play from their mutual love of old ladies. Ranney drawing inspiration from a surrealist novel, imaginatively redefining our perceptions of older woman; whilst Hawkins honours his friendship with a self-described ‘working class glamour queen’; who has become the namesake of the work.

The resulting encounter is with a woman who is certainly not as she first appears; she is brimming with stories of heart and imagination, about what it is to be alive, awake, dreaming and dead!

Dates: 17 & 19 January, 5pm 18 & 21 -23 January at 6pm
Location: The Blue Room Theatre, 53 James St, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge