Seniors Linedancing

Seniors Linedancing

Seniors Linedancing is targeted at the older people in the community, although all ages are welcome.
It is designed to give seniors an outlet where they can come for some gentle exercise without the stress of a full-on line dance class. The music is generally slower and the dance sequences are short and easy to give the most enjoyable effect, while still allowing our bodies and minds to get the exercise they need to maintain good health.
Our bodies thrive on movement and our minds similarly, thrive on thought. Linedancing gives our bodies the movement they need and our brains the exercise they need to stay supple.

Sessions are currently held on Tuesdays in Maylands, Wednesdays in Woodlands and Dalkeith and Fridays in Mosman Park. One off special sessions and workshops are held at other times during the week.

Contact Person
Geoff Tuke
Phone Number
9245 2416
0419 790 799
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