RAC reveals WA’s travel perks and peeves

A new RAC survey has revealed WA’s favourite and least favourite travel experiences, confirming that airports, flying and general waiting around are the biggest downsides of travelling long distances.

However according to the WA respondents, 97 per cent of whom have travelled overseas at least once in the previous two years, the negatives are overshadowed by new adventures experienced with friends and family.

Top 8 travel peevesTop 8 travel perks
Being at airportsDiscovering new places and experiences
FlyingSpending time with family and friends
Waiting aroundRest and relaxation
DelaysMeeting new people
The costsTrying new food
Organising travel insuranceReturning home /realising how good home is
Queues and crowdsArriving at the destination
Language barriersNot being at work

RAC Executive General Manager Brand and Tourism Tony Pickworth, said there were many benefits to visiting another country, but they often came with drawbacks.

“Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce some of the less enjoyable aspects of travelling”, Mr Pickworth said.

Jump the airport queues by checking-in online and be prepared with activities to keep you busy while in transit.

Booking flights and accommodation as early as possible can help lower the cost of your next trip, so keep an eye out for pre-release sales which often provide big discounts.

For peace of mind, it’s important to research travel insurance in advance to make sure you’re covered according to your personal needs.

Most travel insurance can be purchased quickly and easily online, and some providers will even offer loyalty or online discounts, so it’s important to shop around.

Avoiding peak seasons in popular destinations can also cut costs and reduce the likelihood of encountering large crowds.

For more tips on reducing the cost of your next trip visit https://rac.com.au/travel-touring/info/how-to-save-on-your-next-holiday