Paperwork peace of mind for grey nomads

Anticipate Life Founders Paul Kamarudin and Leanne Russell
Anticipate Life Founders Paul Kamarudin and Leanne Russell

A new one-of-a-kind digital locker that stores your life administration information and important paperwork is proving popular with Western Australia’s grey nomads. 

Called Anticipate Life, the web-based application allows you to gather everything your family will need to sort your affairs when you’re no longer around, and keep it safe regardless of where and when you are travelling. 

From the streaming services and social media accounts that need to be cancelled, to the music you’d like played at your funeral and who gets the dog, key details can be organised and securely stored online ready for your loved ones to access when the time comes. 

Anticipate Life was created by Perth couple Leanne Russell and Paul Kamarudin after the funeral of a relative prompted them to discuss their own end-of-life plans. 

“We realised it wasn’t just our funerals that needed pre-planning, but all those aspects of our lives not listed in our will; those everyday aspects that would take time and a certain amount of sleuthing on our family’s part to sort out after our death,” Leanne said. 

“Dying and the practicalities of what happens when we are no longer here is something people are reticent to talk about. We saw an opportunity to give people the means to not only organise their life-after-death administration, but to also start those important conversations.” 

Paul says Anticipate Life is resonating with the increasing number of over 55s who are taking off to explore Western Australia in camper vans, caravans, and motor homes. 

“We are finding people want to enjoy the freedom of life on the road without worrying about keeping their personal records and data safe and secure. 

“Anticipate Life is an affordable way of taking all your paperwork with you, without carrying the weight or the worry,” he said. 

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