Colour, fun and the community

Bigger and better than last year’s Colour Fest, Regis Port Coogee’s infamous event is now forged into the November calendar for our residents, families and friends! After the success of the first Colour Fest in 2020, the team at our Regis Port Coogee Home have outdone themselves by hosting a spirited and colourful event for the Regis Port Coogee community.

The local aged care home recently celebrated their second Colour Fest, also known as “Holi”, which means the “Festival of Love” or “Festival of Spring.” Colour Fest started at Regis Port Coogee in 2020 as an event that all ages would love. Letting everyone be big kids together was a reminder that just because you’re in aged care, it doesn’t mean the fun stops! The wonderful team at the home across all departments, banded together to bring this festival of fun to life that was even more memorable than the last.

Resident Margo shared, “it was good fun, messy fun, the best day and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.”

Our residents and families spent the day celebrating colour abundantly! Body art and hand painting, art therapy with colour on canvas and creativity bloomed through t-shirt painting. However, these activities all led to the main event. To the tune of Baby Elephant Walk by Henry Mancini, residents and employees launched six kilograms of colour powder into the air to transform their white t-shirts and hats into striking clothing and accessories of fun and colour. Our residents at our Home are still talking about the event days later, with Marjorie expressing, “it was an awesome day with music, painting and food.”

With spirits high from the colour collision, residents feasted on Australia’s most beloved food, the humble hot dog, simply without a plate and just the bun in their hands; the only way it should be eaten. To top it off, dessert was an array of scrumptious, brightly iced cupcakes, keeping on the colour theme and a smile on everyone’s face as the day came to a close.

“A spectacle of excitement, smiles and just good fun shared by all ages, residents and employees – a total explosion of colour!” – Sarah Pickersgill, Lifestyle Coordinator at Regis Port Coogee.