Change Lives, Including Yours, Volunteer with Vinnies

Vinnies volunteers provide assistance such as food, clothing, bedding, furniture, assistance with bills and rents, as well as friendship and compassion to people experiencing hardship. In addition Vinnies provides a range of specialist homelessness, housing and mental health services to thousands of vulnerable Western Australians.

Michele, Ibrahim and Evelyn are three amazing Vinnies volunteers who all share the passion of making a difference at Vinnies. Michele volunteers one day a week of her time in the Vinnies call centre that receives between 200-250 calls a day and feels passionate about her work and what her contribution means.

Vinnies Volunteer

“I love volunteering at Vinnies because it gives me a sense of purpose, I’ve met some amazing people, both the people I work with and the clients and it feels great to contribute positively to the community.”

In the Distribution Centre, Ibrahim participates five days a week and feels that although he has only been volunteering at Vinnies for a short time, he has seen how his efforts make a difference to someone experiencing hardship.

“At the Vinnies organisation all the people I work with, my colleagues, my friends are out there making a difference and putting a smile on people’s faces which is all the payment I need.”

Two days every week, Evelyn volunteers in a Vinnies shop carrying out a multitude of activities from sorting goods to serving customers. She loves being at the Canning Vale shop saying that her colleagues, and volunteering in a retail environment, gives her great joy.

“This particular shop is so vibrant and exciting and the other volunteers are very good people and you get to meet new people so I thoroughly enjoy it.”

The generous support of our volunteers enables Vinnies to fulfil our mission and vision of supporting people less fortunate with love, respect and hope.

Vinnies Volunteer

It also focuses on the passion volunteers feel and the dedicated time, effort and support they devote, the impact that it has, and how they really do make a difference.

Anyone interested in volunteering with Vinnies can sign up at