Readers feedback: Manners

Last month in our opinion issue Lee Tate explored manners and are we as a society slipping…

Here’s some of the feedback…

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Thanks Lee,

You have hit the nail on the head as all those situations you have described I have witnessed. We travel by public transport so see the bags & feet on seats.

The rushing to alight from buses & trains but have found young school boys better at standing back to let you go first & also at giving up seats!!!

No wonder children are not looking out of car windows to see what is in the outside world but eyes are firmly fixed on the electronic devise they are handling.

However they say it is progress!!!

Bev Grieve (via email)


On a recent Saturday morning my husband and I attended our grandson’s sport.  We sat along a bench with a number of other families. Once the game started, the man (in his late 40s) next to us kept jumping up with his camera, taking photo’s.  Fine – except he kept blocking our view of the  (goals) /game.

My husband asked him to sit down  as we couldn’t see and he replied – “Well go and sit somewhere else”.  What do you say to someone as rude/nasty as this and what  example is this person setting for his own children.  “Manners maketh the Man” but obviously was omitted in this person’s education.

Maxine Stockwell (via email)


Bicycles should registered. I’m fed up with being nearly run over by rude cyclists who not only push me off the footpath but don’t even make a sound to signal passing. They must have a bell or horn and sound it to pass.

Marcus Harris 74 (via email) 

Comments via Facebook

Viva Couling Down the tub.

Cherrie Gardiner Good manners like everything else going down the gurgla…

Morag Abigail Abel Very disappointed with lack of manners in today’s society.

Gaynor Hollins Such a shame, it doesn’t take much to apologise, or give way or stand up. My question is WHY? Surely all our children were taught manners, I know mine were, so why isn’t it being passed on to our grandchildren?

Lyn Downton Getting worse by the year sadly.

Kaye Marshall NO young people say “Excuse me, please” if they walk or cut in front of you. I don’t blame them because they have not been taught OLD SCHOOL manners.

Helen Ann Stephenson Definitely on the decline, no hope for children when adults don’t set the example. Such a shame. I always make a comment to applaud good manners when they are displayed.

Geraldine Brennan I am frequently annoyed by supermarket cashiers who announce the total without a please or thank you. How hard is it? They are trained to ask how you are or how your day is, but lack manners when taking your money. I avoid a local greengrocers because the cashiers basically ignore you while continuing conversations with each other, and rarely in English. Don’t even get me started on the masses walking around staring at their screens without a care for the people they’re walking into. My five year old grand-daughter has lovely manners and is considerate and I hope she stays that way.

Michele Legge Personally I have not seen any changes young people stand up for me on public transport (all over the world) I rarely am spoken to rudely 

Sylvia Reid You are lucky. There’s some good ones too but getting on buses after school is a nightmare. I’m 70 years old and have to go on bus in the middle of the bunch and once couldn’t get off bus because I’m in doorway and can’t move further as they are all trying to pile in. The bus driver said nothing. This happens in Bassendean and getting on to bus to Joondalup!!

Brenda Balde My real anti is when cashiers are serving people and their customers are having a conversation with someone on their mobile and treating the cashier so ignorantly!