Readers feedback: it’s time to get serious about eating

In the May issue #314’s opinion piece Lee Tate explored healthy eating and people taking control of their dietary choices.

There’s been much debate on a sugar tax and currently Australia is listed as the fifth fattest nation in the world.

Here’s some of the feedback we received from the article…

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It all depends on your income and what you can afford to eat.

The stores vary the quality of the fruit and vegetables according to the area, better for high income areas as they can afford to pay for it. It is not all people’s fault but the multi-nationals.

They are so powerful that no one will touch them. Goodness knows what they put in their products disguised of course with loads of sugar.

How can somebody on New Start afford any good food? They have to eat filling food like hamburgers etc as they may be homeless and families on low incomes.

New Start people don’t get any concessions on running a vehicle etc which pensioners do get.

This country has enough money if it was not wasted and being properly used and also paying the huge salaries et the politicians get. There is gross discrimination in this country in what ordinary people are expected to live on.

Seniors still have to clothe themselves and try and lead a normal life and not vegetate at home and also most like to still use makeup which is not cheaper for them.

The Benevolent Society is trying to do something I believe with a large amount of numbers re the cost of living for pensioners and others I think so perhaps that will help.

The Politicians do not live in our world and programs like QandA and The Drum do not have ordinary people on their programs but people who are on high salaries so how do they know?

Margaret Thompson 

No, because sugar is not the culprit and demonising it serves to distract from the real issues: ** Serving sizes which are too large. ** Regularly eating food which is energy dense (usually through lack of knowledge of what constitutes normal, healthy eating). ** To a lesser extent, increasing activity levels. Has very little impact on fat levels, but is crucial for health.

Children don’t make themselves fat. Their parents do that by allowing them to over feed. We don’t need a sugar tax. We do need to have better knowledge and better strategies to move toward better health.

I’d like to see more public advertisements consistently explaining how to calculate a healthy weight range, how many calories a day are required to maintain that weight range, and what kinds of meals can provide that.

Christine Sutherland

 Remove all the takeaway food outlets that keep popping up and all the bloody home delivered meals.

Remove chips n nuggets as options from the kid’s menu at restaurants seeing as it’s so important for people to ‘go out and eat now’.

Make it fashionable to home cook and home bake and serve a meal at the table.

Educate kids from an early age how to prepare healthy food for themselves and not rely on buying it everywhere they go.

Get some advertising campaigns happening targeting families and kids that encourage home grown and home cooked, rather than ‘take out’!

Unfortunately we’ve gone too far to go back! Society, we have failed ourselves!! Bringing the money in will always be a priority and convenience!

People think they have no time and think cooking is a chore. It should be embraced and made as one of the most important parts of daily living!!

Jeannie Meyrick

It’s just the Government trying to ” look like they’re doing something!!! ” and reaping more taxes.!!!!

Ed Wyker

They tax alcohol and tobacco, way past time for a sugar tax…

Jenny Rich

Just a way to get more taxes. The government thinks we are all really gullible!

Christine Bampton

No more taxes!

Geraldnie Brennan

Yes, yes and a fat tax too.

Verena Homberger

No to a sugar tax.

Kerrie Sheedy

Yes to a sugar tax.

Tamara Scott

Really agree with Lee Tate.

Keep up the good work.
L. Marston

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