Readers feedback: do politicians really value our older population?

In the April issue #313’s opinion piece Lee Tate explored whether politicians valued older people and the big money pool in Australia.

We had a lot of feedback and we were saddened to see that most people did not feel valued at all by our politicians.

Here’s some of the feedback we received from the article…

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Being a senior of 82 I am beginning to understand just how in the

past people rose up and removed the heads of those in power, do let me

know if you hear of such an uprising anytime soon in this country as I

would be only too glad to assist in removing such deadwood.

Signed Chuckie (via email)

Dear Lee,

I read with interest your article about “do politicians really value our older population?”  In my opinion, I don’t think many people at all value the older person in our society.

Over the last few months I have read quite a bit from the younger members of our community who begrudge us older folk our pensions, become angry because they mistakenly think that “self-funded retirees” get too much by way of pension, complain about older drivers having a drivers licence and generally disparage the older members of this country for getting too much and being such a “drain on society”.

I must admit that I do really get quite cross when I read what these younger folk have to say – especially when I think of just how much money the government/community gives to the younger folk.

I am a “baby boomer”, and as such, my husband and I worked very hard for a deposit for a house. We did not get a First Home Owner grant of around $10,000.

Then of course there is the baby bonus of around $540 up front and then further payments for around 13 weeks. If we could not afford to have a baby, then we continued to work and save until we could! We did not get a bonus OR an on-going payment.

Then, if Mum wants to return to work, the government will fork out even more – up to 50 per cent of child care costs or around $7,500 per year. If a baby boomer needed to return to work, they got parents, aunts or even neighbours to babysit – they did not get any government financial assistance at all.

Then when the children begin to go to school, there are various subsidies for education fees and/or school uniforms if one lives in a specific area and high school students might get even more.  Something else we did not get when raising our children.

When it comes to the older driver – if the youngsters do not want an older person to drive, then fine – BUT if they want to take away our licence at a specific age, then I say don’t give one to anyone under 25 or 30!! After all, it is the drivers under 25 or so who are the ones who drink and drive or talk on mobiles while driving or even eat their breakfast cereal while driving.

Gosh! Wouldn’t there be an uproar if we took away all the grants these younger people get and encouraged them to look after and pay for themselves!!?? The national debt would dive dramatically overnight!

So, I say, have a look at all these pools of money and give more to the pensioners and stop trying to buy the younger votes – they really don’t appreciate it.

Yours sincerely,

Gail Wright (via email)

More seniors will have to go on Centrelink pension when they lose the franking credits for self-funded retirees should Bill Shorten become prime minister.

Seniors should show their disapproval of such unfair policy at the ballot box in the forthcoming federal elections.

There are about 2000 senior doctors with valuable expertise and experience being forced out of part time practice by the unreasonable conditions for renewal of registration imposed by the bureaucrats of AHPRA.

It is time for seniors to fight for their rights and make politicians realise that older people still have a voice at the ballot box.

Dr K C WAN (via email)
Consultant Occupational Physician in Perth WA

Comments via Facebook

Dhyani D’Souza In all OECD countries, Australia is at the bottom of the list for being the worst country to be a pensioner.

Michele Legge Not only pensioners – families and young unemployed as well.

Peter McInroe No, they don’t old people under the globalist system are a burden and have only to be tolerated but classed as expendable.

Barbara Fitzpatrick Old people keep the pill and doctors happy and a lot of people in work taking care of them. Also do most volunteering when they can. Quite a sum if calculated. Still earning revenue that way. For me, if I get incapacitated would prefer not to be kept alive artificially.

Roslynne Foy No. So why don’t they legalise euthanasia. Not for just the sick, but for those like me who hate being old and can see no reason to be hanging around.

Tom Malkowski The answer is no. Politicians only value themselves. They will lie and say anything to be re elected to stay on the gravy train.

Rita Kinvig Stupid question to be honest that’s why they get treated shockingly in my opinion they all forget one day they will be older some folks live alone for years with no money!

Lynette Buss No, not at all. Elderly people should not have to sell their house which they’ve worked hard all their life for, give the majority of the money to the hostel and still have to pay huge weekly fees to the same hostel for their care. Once the money is spent on their aged care, there is nothing left for their families. Most aged people of this era thought their kids would get some kind of inheritance after all their hard work. Now even that joy is being taken away from them!

Phyllis Fowler Surely they have elderly parents, but being more financially able to help them , they don’t see the struggle a lot of us suffer.

Susan Neo It is terrible how the old people are being treated. The homes are full of abuse run by government even private aren’t much better hope I die in my own house.

Tamara Ellen Scott Not as much as they should it’s always the pension and benefits that gets cut when the new budget comes out.

Sally Tee Western society is the only group to not recognise or respect their elders. It’s so, so short sighted.

Lynn Crotty Definitely not, only worried about lining their own pockets.

Keryn Deckert No, they couldn’t give a shit it’s all about them.

Leslie DeSilva Politicians value their own bank accounts.

Pauline Emily West We have so much to offer, but seem to be put on the heap.

Hazel Flynn The only things politician values is their own bank account.

Lee Pettersson No…not unless it’s themselves.

Kathryn Wilson Ha ha politicians only value and care about politicians.


Madge Huntley No they don’t, quite a few medications prices are not on the subsidized list. 

Judy Ann Llewellyn We have paid our tax’s all our working life, now we don’t , our use by date is up.

Michele Legge My concern is that because us older people are now the majority the parties will aim policies towards us and our children and grandchildren will miss out.

Ken Burnett In some ways but not in the most important ways.

Beverley Wojtowicz Only if they support that politician with expansive monetary donations.

Deb Newman No much more worried about refugees than our aged.

Elaine Pointon No, but they do value any money they may have.

Tony Ryan No, they don’t give a stuff, they’re too busy sorting out their next PAY RISE.

John Ferris Why do they always look at how much they can take of retired people.

David Harris If you don’t work you don’t matter!

Lynne Fallows They only value themselves.

Jackie Johnstone Short answer hell no.

Wilma Graysmark I have not seen that.

Joan Corby No they don’t.

Sue Hamilton No they don’t

Maxine Obrien Definitely not

Tullia Festa Hell NO

Vicki Orr No

Dhyani D’Souza No!

Dave Grills No

Desriee Andreone NO NO NO!

Joan Milton No

William Mutch No

Leanne Bayens NO

Serina Sumich No

Julio Rodriguez Of course not. Older Australians aren’t either well looked after or valued at all, our politicians only care about themselves and their cronies the arseholes.