News is in their blood

Michael Thomson and Monika Kos
9News’ Michael Thomson and Monika Kos on the set

Monika Kos says that once you work in the news industry you never leave it. Even if you take a short break, it’s in your blood.

There are not many journalists who have the breadth of experience of reporting and delivering news that she does. Or can say they have worked across three different networks in 13 months, so it’s exciting to see this warm and trusted reporter firmly planted back on our screens with her new appointment as anchor of 9News at 5.00

“I’m finding myself moving around later in life. It’s wonderfully invigorating. And I hope I’m going to bring the audience with me and stimulate them, entertain them, inform them and introduce something new to them,” said Kos. 

If this year has shown us anything it’s how much local news matters.

Kos says that the pandemic has been the biggest story of our generation, of our lives. It has ensured that the public need to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world and this has seen Western Australians develop a voracious appetite for local news coverage.

The new format is an exciting shift for Perth’s 9News which will see them deliver two hours of live and local news leading with Monika Kos at 5pm followed by Michael Thomson at 6pm.

“It’s a privilege to join the team at Nine and I’m humbled to have this opportunity to once again bring viewers the news that matters to them, in what has been an extraordinary year for all of us,” she said. 

Kos said this won’t be about repeating the same thing throughout the two hours, it will be a carefully crafted news experience utilising the well-resourced newsroom team here in Perth.

9News at 5.00 will focus on the important stories of the day, developing news with insight as well as lifestyle, entertainment, sport and weather.

“I’m finding myself moving around later in life. It’s wonderfully invigorating.”

Kos will then hand over to Michael Thomson with the full story on the network’s flagship 9News at 6.00 bulletin, featuring in-depth analysis, breaking local, national and international news, together with the latest in sport and weather.

“Between Thommo and I, we’ve been on Perth television screens for almost 65 years. We’ve decades of presenting and on-the-road reporting experience. Thommo’s become part of the furniture at Nine and I’ll be a new piece, albeit vintage,” said Kos. 

Michael Thomson said he is very excited to have Monika join the 9News team. She’s highly respected, has great experience and knows Western Australia so well. 

“I’ve known Monika for many years and I’m thrilled she is joining us – she will be a great asset to Nine. She knows Perth and Perth knows her. I’m looking forward to working with her,” said Thomson.

Kos said that starting news coverage at five will keep people fully informed earlier with extended news coverage. There will be light and shade, hard news and lots of local content.

Monika Kos on the news desk
9News’ Monika Kos on the news desk

“It’s tremendously exciting because the stretch between five and seven at night is what I call settling time. 

“The kids are home from school, grownups come home from work, empty nesters are thinking about dinner and catching up on the day’s events before retiring for the night.” 

The new bulletin demonstrates Nine’s commitment to bringing viewers the most comprehensive news coverage from a top team of journalists.

Monika Kos has been a great supporter of this newspaper. Over many years she has come down to Have a Go Day, served teas and coffees and met many of our readers.

Recently she asked me to join her for a news panel on the Radio 6PR Sunday program she was doing prior to this new appointment. She understands the wants and needs of this readership.

“Our most loyal viewers are the mature demographic. Yes, Have a Go News readers. And we will look after them.

“I really encourage people to call into the Channel Nine newsroom, if there any stories or any events that they believe should be covered, don’t ever hesitate to put a call in and let us know about what’s going on in their community, what’s going on in their lives…,” said Kos.

“I’m excited to call Nine my new home, at the top of the terrace in the city, and I hope you’ll join us from 5pm Monday to Friday.”