Investment scammer targeting regional West Aussies

Western Australians are warned to be on high alert for unsolicited SMS or social-media messages urging them to inject money into a fraudulent scheme disguised as an investment opportunity.

Consumer Protection is aware of an investment scam circulating in the WA community that claims almost $22 million can be unlocked from an international account if the recipient pays part of the $500,000 required in fees and taxes to release the money.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Penny Lipscombe said the scammer seemed to be targeting those living in regional WA.

“This scam contains an attachment claiming to be a certificate from the Arab Monetary Fund authorising the funds to be transferred,” Ms Lipscombe said.

“Our investigations reveal that while this is a legitimate organisation, it doesn’t actually perform this kind of function.

“You should always be suspicious if you receive unsolicited calls or messages offering opportunities for investment.

“If someone’s telling you about a way to make easy, fast money and putting significant pressure on you to invest big with the promise of high returns, ask yourself ‘is it too good to be true?’ and discuss the offer with someone you trust.”

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