Inaugural Stone to Art 2020 postponed…

The Stone to Art Festival has been postponed.

We are very disappointed to announce that the event promoted on the front cover of the March issue of Have a Go News Stone to Art will be postponed.

Chairperson – WAISSS Peter Henderson said it was with regret that the organising committee of Western Australia International Stone Sculpture Symposium – Stone to Art festival advise the following:

“Despite the advice to be alert but not alarmed it is felt that it is our duty of care due to the imminent threat of the spread of COVID19 is to postpone the event until 2021”.

All aspects regarding the event postponement were considered and finally under advisement from the event and health departments of the major event sponsor City of Melville this action was agreed upon.

The organising committee are disappointed as they have worked so hard to bring this small exciting event to fruition.  However the event will return in 2021 with as much enthusiasm as was felt prior to this decision.