Selva’s positive predictions and outlook for WA next year

Selva Dutton
Selva Dutton

Selva Dutton is looking optimistically at next year as people reassess their lives and outlook after COVID-19.

The Collie based clairvoyant, spiritual advisor, motivational speaker, medium and life coach believes 2021 will be a fruitful year for WA with growth in new industries and new expansion.

“I believe a lot of production work overseas could be done in WA,” she said.

“We can rebuild smaller towns and cut down on fly-in, fly-out workers because such a lifestyle can really affect families. Next year will also be a year of rain, it will be a good year for WA farmers.”

Selva has had an interesting life and her empathy for people and their issues shines through in our interview.

Much in demand, she loves what she does and is never happier than carrying out appointments in WA and overseas, pre-COVID.

People today, it seems, need her more than ever when society’s expectations and personal problems weigh them down.

Born in Uruguay, South America, Selva came to Sydney aged 13 in 1973 with her parents, three brothers and two sisters.

The family lived in a hostel but her parents separated several years later, her father Juan heading for WA and Selva and several of her siblings going with him.

“I attended South Fremantle High School for a term, left and took a job at Mills and Ware biscuit factory in South Fremantle before settling in Cocklebiddy,” she said.

“I had already formed a life as a clairvoyant and I became friends with another clairvoyant, a lovely lady, Mrs Mitchell.

“I was about 15 and I worked with her for a few years before moving to Port Hedland to see my father. In December 1979 I met my future husband, Brett, while working as a cook at a roadhouse managed by an Egyptian man, who was also a psychic.

“He predicted I would marry Brett but at that stage I didn’t like him at all. We did marry and went on to have four children, now aged from 40 to 35.”  (Selva now has 12 grandchildren and four step grandchildren).

Selva’s father was living in Collie and she visited the town. 

“I liked it so much I have never left and here I am 40 years later. In the early years I didn’t like it at all. My first few years there were hell, I was called a witch and rotten fruit and nasty notes were left on my doorstep.”

But change came when Selva followed a lady named Janet home because she needed a friend. Gradually she made friends as her social and family life expanded and people realised she was not so bad after all.

In 2004 Selva bought a building in Collie which she transformed into a spiritual shop.

To this day she still lives behind the shop and her network of helping people has grown through her business Selva’s Faith, Hope and Achievement. 

She started taking groups of people to Brazil twice a year on spiritual journeys.

“In 12 years I took around 500 people on 36 trips with about half of these people experiencing a cure and the remaining reaching an understanding,” she said.

“But then my husband fell ill and I returned home to nurse him until he passed away.”

In 2017 Selva spent a month on Hawaii’s Maui at the Kula Botanical Gardens where she did spiritual readings.

She also does a lot of healings in Bali.

Selva does readings throughout Australia, but this year has covered Albany, Esperance, Kalgoorlie, Perth and Geraldton.

She is planning a trip north soon in between other engagements including a monthly radio stint on 6PR.

Selva is also returning to community television’s The Couch next year with Fred Mafrica after a 12-year break.

People will send in questions and Selva will also do readings on air.

“Although this year has proved difficult for many I believe COVID has allowed people to connect to understanding and their true soul,” Selva said.

“It’s been a year of bringing families together, resettling marriages and, in some cases, ending them. But it’s been a year of truth; of helping people make the right decisions.”

Life for Selva has turned full circle. In 2011 she married Brad, a friend of 25 years of herself and her late husband.

She reopened her spiritual shop two years ago in a different location where she does readings and has the help of two “wonderful women.”

Collie is her home and there is nowhere else she wants to be.

Listen to Selva Dutton on radio 6PR once a month on Fridays at 10pm. Look out for her on The Couch in 2021. 

Call Selva on 0457 159 276 or email