New horizons inspire fresh ideas to make over your living spaces

The year seems to be flying by and we are finally emerging back into reality… albeit a modified one. 

Sitting on a cafe strip people watching, I think supermarket and other retail shopping has taken on new meaning for people and gives them more joy. For this I’m so grateful. 

As a personal stylist and shopper for many years, I have taken notice of people enjoying being able to look, touch and try products, it is indeed something that the convenience of online shopping will never be able to fulfil. So, I encourage people to get out there and enjoy some much-deserved retail therapy, lunch and make a lovely day of it. 

This year we have all felt the challenges of change which never sits terribly well as we all rather like the reassurance of a constant. 

However, sometimes a curve ball thrown at you is just what you need to be reminded how quick we are to rise to the challenge of catching something new and running with it. This year has been like that for me, but what has arisen from those ashes is the greatest opportunity since I created the Westfield styling service and ran that for a wonderful six years. 

I’m thrilled to share that I have been appointed the interior designer and sales executive for the Sherlock Homes Group. 

I look forward to assisting clients to style their homes in order to present them for sale as well as working with clients to design the interiors of newly purchased property. And as you are aware it’s the downsizers who are my favourite focus. I look forward to bringing you profiles, stories and before and after pictures of homes that I makeover. 

This week I visited the city to have a look through Pottery Barn and West Elm. Their stock has always had a point of difference, offering great style at an affordable price, with everything from homewares, furniture, rugs, lighting, soft furnishings, window treatments and bedding. 

They are a one stop shop providing the opportunity to see how everything could work together for those who may need a little more help to visualise a styled room. 

In each area professional consultants will help you put together a whole look for a living area complete with rug, cushions, accessories and lamps. 

You will find West Elm and Pottery Barn at the east end of the Hay Street mall. There is also Pottery Barn Kids, which is just magical, providing beds, cots, quilts, dolls houses and baby accessories. It’s an amazing place for gift ideas too. 

Having to stay in has made us look more closely at our homes and what they need to enable us to enjoy them more. 

It really is easy to make some instant gratifying changes and if this is how you think please feel free to give me a call to chat about how we can make this happen. 

Now more than ever let’s action what we have dreamed about doing… we can’t travel but we can make our homes a beautiful place. A new quilt set, fresh new towels, a rug, artwork and some cushions can instantly make a room seem so styled and provide that cosy feeling we all need right now. And of course, everything everywhere is on sale.

Have an amazing month.