Zofia’s essential guide to styling a room – it’s easier than you think

home decor

The onset of springtime is not far away and with it a new season to focus upon. I hope you have been enjoying what’s been a lovely winter and making the most of more time spent indoors.

As you know I have always been an advocate for making homes beautiful but also for promoting joie de vivre – the joy of living – and making the most of the visual impact in your home to ensure you enjoy what you look at every day. 

I believe this is essential for everyone’s good health and helps us both physically and mentally. 

Since the pandemic many people are focussing on and reviewing their homes, initiating renovating and decorating projects. Due to the pandemic some retailers are thriving, however there is definitely a supply issue with the bigger chains like Target and Kmart which import much of their stock. 

I encourage you to support and buy local from Australian retailers such as Sheridan and Adairs. These companies are offering the most beautiful array of goods in colour palettes which are warm and rich. 

A reader contacted me for a consultation to help her introduce more colour into her living areas. I would like to offer some suggestions.

Firstly my attitude is that I always work for my client, it’s about what works for them, what their taste is, or helping them articulate what they feel is right for their home and their lifestyle. 

It’s not completely about fashion but it is about taking inspiration from what they already love in their homes like a painting or existing furnishings. 

Fashion isn’t just about the disposable, it’s about modernity, it’s about taking something new to complement something older and giving it a whole new life. 

This is the most exciting aspect to my approach as an interior stylist and provides a far more sophisticated style than just creating a generic look as far as interior design goes and what’s currently ‘in fashion’ is concerned. 

I am all about creating an interior which has depth, character, warmth, one which is sophisticated and tells a story about who lives there. 

It’s also about the people, what colour sparks their eye, be it about bringing more bold designs in or a calming softer palette. 

This is what I love more than anything – tailoring interiors for the individual. I have always appreciated the individual’s needs and desires whether working as a fashion stylist or styling interiors for clients. 

So with that said, it does require trust on my client’s behalf to afford me the opportunity and utilise my ability to give a room a beautifully styled look and to work cohesively with their treasured pieces. 

Out there in the retail world is a palette to choose from that would complement any interior. If there is anything that I have discovered particularly in Western Australia is that clients are more restrained about making a statement in their home. 

The whole point is the ‘wow!’ factor. We all love the wow! We admire it, we want it for ourselves. To achieve this takes bravery and often having your hand held while being guided in taking the ordinary to extraordinary for your home.

What I love the most is showing people it doesn’t take a lot and it’s not about going crazy with either colour or money. It’s about having a clever eye and knowing what works. 

So for those of you who are excited to do this for yourself, take inspiration from what you love and see what colours pop for you and find the accessories and homewares that pull the look together. 

The key things to create a beautiful room is 1-order, 2-layout of furniture, 3-your special pieces, 4-layering with soft furnishings and creating mood and warmth and 5-a rug for defining areas and lamp lighting for the evenings. 

I have to add that if you have enjoyed collecting treasures from travels or have something such as blue and white china or a Royal Doulton collection, these treasures can add a real statement to a room when displayed thoughtfully.

Achieving this in an interior are my most favourite things. It’s the visual of a bowlful of beautiful fruit and fresh flowers that nourish not only our body but our eye and soul. 

Happy decorating and remember I’m only a phone call away for advice. Have a great month.