Knife and fork talk at Crown

A SPUR of the moment decision had us boarding the train for Burswood, not to gamble, but to try one of the two or three restaurants that offer under $20 lunches. After much debating we joined the queue outside the 88 Noodle Bar.

The menu at the entrance gave us an opportunity to choose a dish before being seated, which gave us time to select from the 20 dishes on offer.

We decided on a bowl of laksa and a teriyaki chicken and rice both priced at $17.80.

The laksa consisted of a lightly spiced coconut curry soup with seafood, tofu, Asian greens and egg noodles. This was enjoyable but a little more spice would have enhanced the flavour. The prawns were moist and pleasantly plump which blended well with the greens and noodles, all in all a satisfactory meal.

The teriyaki chicken and rice was very tasty indeed. Usually chicken skin is a no, no but this was a yes, yes as the skin was really crunchy. With the addition of sesame seeds it became a treat for the taste buds. There was a good teriyaki sauce which added flavour to the steamed rice. A few bits of greenery wouldn’t have gone astray, nevertheless a good meal.

The restaurant was clean, nicely decorated and offered quick and efficient service.

Lunch from 11.30am.

88 Noodle Bar 

1800 556  688
situated in the Crown Casino