Dining Divas lunch at the iconic Albion Hotel

The pumpkin and chicken salad

OUR venue for our Dining Divas lunch this month was the iconic Albion Hotel in Cottesloe.

In 1870 it was originally called the Halfway House because of its proximity midway between Perth and Fremantle.

Historical features abound, including impressive ceiling fans from New Orleans, old photos and documents on the walls, an old Melbourne tram an eye catching memorabilia that will double your dining pleasure.

We chose two dishes from the all day everyday seniors $15 menu, pumpkin and chicken salad and lambs fry with mash.

The pumpkin and chicken salad was ample with plenty of mixed leaves, onion and tomato, with a particularly tasty dressing.

Although the chicken was moist and tender it was a little sparse and like Oliver Twist this Diva would have liked more.

There were plenty of delicious pumpkin cubes that enhanced an enjoyable lunch.

The lambs fry was in an appetising gravy with mushrooms and bacon for added flavour.

The lambs fry

The lambs fry was a little dry on the thinner edges, the mash a little too moist, the accompanying vegetables of carrot sticks and snow peas were nicely cooked but a little more would have sufficed.

The charm of the staff and of the hotel would encourage diners to return to this delightful and historic establishment.

The Albion Hotel

The Albion Hotel
535 Stirling Highway, Cottesloe
9384 0021