Knife and fork talk with the Dining Divas – a gastronomical gallop in Guildford

OUR plan this month was to visit Guildford’s Colonial Gaol and Taylors Cottage and then dine at an establishment in Midland.

The gaol and cottage proved so interesting that time ran away from us so we decided to stay in Guildford and lunch at The Stirling Arms Hotel which offers a $12 lunch special.

There are three options on offer for the lunch special and we chose the Fisherman’s Basket and the Warm Chicken Salad.

Both meals were plated pleasingly to the eye, and tasted as good as they looked.

The traditional selection of seafood and beer battered chips didn’t disappoint – they were perfectly cooked and not at all greasy.

The sliced chicken breast schnitzel was tender, the crumbed coating light and piquant.

This was set on a bed of salad leaves topped with red onion rings, tomato, feta and cucumber, drizzled with a honey mustard dressing.

There is plenty of seating inside the hotel with a couple of pool tables and television screens at various points.

Outside there is a large beer garden that was well patronised.

The staff are friendly, the food is good and we were both very happy with our visit.

3 Forks

The Stirling Arms Hotel

117 James Street Guildford 

6142 4325 

Knife and fork talk ratings 

Five forks – excellent food and service 

Four forks overall good food and service 

Three forks reasonably good food and service but could make some improvements 

Two forks food and service needs improvement 

One forks would not recommend