Heinz Beanz launches a can size for every Aussie

Much-loved Australian household favourite, Heinz Beanz, is introducing can sizes specifically made to match the occasions Aussies like to enjoy their baked beans and spaghetti. Census results show that Australian households have changed over the last decades, and Aussies are looking for ideal can sizes to suit different occasions.

In 2016 Kraft Heinz commissioned a comprehensive consumer and shopper research to understand consumers’ usage of Heinz beans and spaghetti.

Based on this research, Kraft Heinz is in the process of launching a wider assortment of sizes, which includes a new 300g and 555g size. This portfolio will better meet the different needs of the changing Australian households and their usage occasions. The new assortment will be represented as follows:

  • 130g: Optimal for a meal for a younger child
  • 220g: Optimal for a side serve or for a hungry teenager
  • 300g: Optimal for young singles and couples
  • 555g: Optimal for a family

These can sizes will be brought to life through a ‘Can Size for Every Aussie’ campaign. As part of this, Kraft Heinz will boldly remove its well-established logo from packaging for a limited time and replace it with new names to highlight which can sizes are best for the different dining occasions: the ‘Lil One’ (130 grams), the ‘One for One’ (220 grams), the ‘One for Two’ (300 grams) and the ‘One for All’ (555 grams).

Kraft Heinz Australian Commercial President, Elkin Jackson said Kraft Heinz was proud to offer Australians a custom-made range that responds to their demands.

“These discoveries regarding the Australian consumer have inspired us to create a Heinz Beanz range that will cater to every Aussie, for every occasion, whether snacking, having a meal with a loved one or the whole family.

“Removing the Heinz logo for a limited time is a bold move. We want to emphasise our commitment to consumers and celebrate the introduction of the new can-sizes and occasions.

“We anticipate that Aussies will embrace the campaign wholeheartedly and enjoy the much-loved pantry favourite with its new look and feel as it hits supermarket shelves across the country,” said Ms Jackson.

The full Heinz Beanz range will be available in September at Coles, Woolworths and IGA supermarkets nationally.