Brunch with T – a simple sarni in Shelley made for a perfect brunch

I SHOULD really rename this column to Brunch with T (and Dan), as he’s my most reliable brunch partner and always up to trying new places with me.

Dan found a new café he wanted to visit called The Tribute so we headed south of the river to Shelley for this month’s instalment.

The décor was warm and welcoming with subtle hints of rose gold, a very pretty place to dine.

For drinks, I ordered an almond chai latte ($4.70) and Dan ordered a hot chocolate ($4.60), they came out very soon after ordering. 

After making the hard decisions about food I ordered the nourish bowl ($18) which consisted of black quinoa topped with a poached egg, grilled halloumi, seasonal greens, dukkah, pickled radish and carrot with tahini dressing.

Dan ordered the tribute sarni ($17) which was bacon, fried egg, smashed avo, cheddar cheese, greens, grilled tomatoes and kewpie mayo inside their unique charcoal brioche burger. 

I thought the nourish bowl was delicious.

It was just so fresh in the mouth with the tahini and pickled radish balancing the nutty richness of the dukkah and greens.

The halloumi was cooked to perfection and so was the poached egg which I like with a hard yolk.

Dan thought the sarni was simple but done well with the combination of flavours well balanced but there could have been a little more smashed avocado inside.

We didn’t have to wait very long for the food to come out and overall we thought it was good value for money.

Besides ordering off the menu, there is also food from The Tribute’s cabinet for people to stop by for coffee and cake.

Lots of street parking is available.

Overall, we give them 4 spoons for their value for money, yumminess of food, quick and friendly service.

The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen,
19 Tribute Street, West Shelley
Mon-Sun: 7am to 3pm