Brunch with T – A lukewarm reception in Mosman Park

THIS month to celebrate winter, Dan and I ventured out on a nice sunny Saturday to Mosman Park to soak up the winter sun and enjoy brunch.

It was busy when we arrived at Good Things cafe and, on account of the lovely weather, we chose to sit outside.

The décor is very modern with wooden tables and white chairs reflecting a coastal summer vibe.

Once seated a waitress come out with menus and water and filled our glasses.

We ordered and our drinks came out very fast which was a sign for “good things” to come.

Dan and I both ordered the strawberry, pineapple and apple juice ($8) which was fresh and sweet and put a hold on our hunger while we waited for the food.

I chose the Polenta Soldiers ($21) with poached eggs, broccolini, chimichurri, green goddess and avocado emulsion.

Dan couldn’t resist the Chicken and Waffles ($23) southern style fried chicken, chilli butterscotch, bacon atop a Belgian waffle.

We waited about 30 minutes for our meals and it wasn’t until I asked about the food that it was brought out.

The food looked impressive but unfortunately was lukewarm which was a disappointment.

We had obviously been forgotten and it had sat for a considerable amount of time under the warming lights.

My polenta soldiers were nice and crunchy with the chimichurri going perfectly to complement them and the broccolini.

Dan said his was good with the combination of bacon, chilli butterscotch and chicken tasting good.

But as he had previously been at this cafe he noticed the serving size had reduced considerably and because the dish was cold the chicken wasn’t as enjoyable as expected.

Overall this made the experience an average one especially after Dan’s previous brunch experience.

What cemented the poor rating for brunch was when the waitress collected our plates.

I mentioned that the meals had taken a long time to be served and were lukewarm. She said sorry in a very insincere way.

I hope other people have a better experience then we did so for the rating this month we give ‘Good Things’ only 3 spoons.

Good Things 

128 Wellington St Mosman Park 

9384 8652

M-S 6.30am-3.30pm

T’s spoon ratings

Five spoons – excellent food and service – you must go!

Four spoons – overall good food and service well worth a visit! 

Three spoons – reasonably good food and service but could make some improvements. 

Two spoons – food and service needs improvement. 

One spoon – would not recommend.