Local inventor makes shopping safe again…


With the average shopping trolley carrying more bacteria than a toilet door, buying groceries has become riskier than ever in the face of COVID-19.

But Perth inventor, Jeanne O’Donnell is making shopping safe again with her timely invention Shoppa Cart – a personal shopping cart protecting against exposure to the bugs and bacteria found on public customer trolleys.

While people are currently confronted at the entrance of shops with staff giving out wipes so the handles of trolleys can be sanitized, it’s a measure that falls short of ensuring they are clean enough to beat the coronavirus.

Jeanne says the only way to truly make sure your trolley is germ free is to be the only one using it.

“Over 50 per cent of shopping trolleys fail basic hygiene tests and more than 20 per cent of handles are covered with some form of bodily fluids – including saliva,” she said.

“The COVID-19 outbreak means that more than ever it’s vital that trolleys are free from bacteria and viruses and the easiest way to ensure this is to have your own personal one, as opposed to countless members of the public having contact with carts.”

The inspiration for the Shoppa Cart came when Jeanne was struggling to remember to take her reusable shopping bags to the supermarket following the Western Australian Government’s ban on plastic bags.

The result is a personal shopping trolley that can be effortlessly loaded to and from your car to provide a seamless supermarket to pantry experience.

“With everyone so worried about keeping their hands sanitized and social distancing, to be able to take your own, clean trolley to the shops is a great way of reducing risks and staying healthy during these tough times”.

Visit www.shoppacart.com.au