When life is too much…. sample the soothing effects of the sound chamber

THE sounds of gongs resonate across the grounds at Willow Pond in Canning Vale as a group emerge from a sound chamber after an uplifting session.

It’s a peaceful haven in a busy world far removed from the sound of traffic rushing by outside.

Women and men alike are taking advantage of the lasting benefits of Satori Sounds inside the dedicated, architecturally designed sound chamber.

It’s safe and effortless and bathes participants with gentle vibrations, taking them
into a meditative state, says managing director Dorothy Coe who runs the centre with fellow director, trainer-assessor Sensei Ramon Lawrence OAM.

“The sound chamber holds 14 people, using heavy vibration instruments such as gongs, didgeridoo and crystal singing bowls,” she said.

“As we play these instruments, sound and vibration penetrates the body. We experience total and deep peace in body and mind, our spirit is allowed to soar, heal our bodies and return the mind to oneness.”

Gongs and the didgeridoo are two of the oldest instruments, known to be traditionally used for ceremonial purposes and healing.

The gong has the broadest tone range of any instrument and has a vast array of harmonics.

Inside the dedicated sound chamber, the sound and vibrations bounce off eight winged panels, creating 32 reflections and 32 refractions from a single strike, taking people into a meditative state, even if they have not meditated before.

As the sounds and vibrations move through the body, there is a sense of relaxation, moving participants from ‘eyes open’ beta consciousness through alpha, theta and delta states.

The sounds move through every cell, cleansing and impelling blood to every part of the body.

It is not unusual for people to feel tingling sensations in hands and feet as blood is delivered to nerve endings.

Most sessions close with the sound of a crystal singing bowl and the last sounds emanate from a finely tuned chime contrasting with the deeper vibrations experienced in the past hour.

Norma Hughes, Naomi Tyrrell, Jillian Thomas, Geraldine Riggir and
Dorothy Coe

I spoke with Geraldine Riggir, Jillian Thomas, Normie Hughes and Naomi Tyrrell, who are all currently approaching Black Belt qualifications and take part in sessions at Satori Sounds.

Jillian Thomas said she had always been interested in energy medicine.

“It’s wonderful, I have a few health problems and now I have loads of energy,” she said.

Geraldine Riggir said she was interested in esoteric things.

“I had been looking for a different direction in personal development when I found Satori Sounds.”

Normie Hughes said she also taught yoga and found the sound chamber and use of gongs a natural extension and Naomi Tyrrell said she found the sessions fed the body system and gave strength.

Dorothy Coe is a martial artist, practising sound and vibration therapy, holding the rank of 7th Dan, Master.

“I am currently running my first graduate Shodan (1st Dan) course and to my surprise have four students aged over 60 and one over 70,” she said.

“I have been practising my art for almost 20 years and must admit I was surprised to see our seniors lining up to learn.”

Dorothy herself is past 65 and believes it sustains her wellness.

“I am really excited to see seniors taking up this challenge and working physically with gongs. Some are using muscles that have not previously been active and others are working on balance, posture and timing. I have watched these women work through the pain and build muscle memory and am totally inspired.”

The students are required to give back to the community and have already helped people with acquired brain injured and young cancer sufferers.

Ramon Lawrence is a Grand Master of 11 different arts. He is past 70 and still practices martial arts daily.

Over the past 10 years, Satori Sounds, an accredited provider of complementary medicine, has welcomed teachers including Aboriginal elders, scientists, physicists, nuclear physicists, psychologists, neuroscientists and physicians.

The Satori training team would like to extend an invitation to any seniors wishing to experience sound and vibration therapy.

Every Friday morning until the end of December the Satori team will provide seniors sessions for a big discount price of $35.

Phone Satori Sounds on 9456 3023 to book. This price is only available for seniors.