Call For Older Australian Men to Embrace Healthy Habits

LiveUp is calling on older men to prioritise healthy ageing habits this Men’s Health Week, as recent data reveals that one in three men aged over 55 are concerned about ageing, particularly regarding the loss of social connections and declining health. 

According to a recent Healthy Ageing Survey conducted by LiveUp, an online healthy ageing platform funded by the Department of Health and Aged Care, found that many men find it challenging to carry out daily tasks (75 per cent), and worried about deteriorating health (53 per cent) and loss of independence (29 per cent). 

LiveUp Community Engagement Professional John Bradshaw said it’s important to empower older men to take control of their health and wellbeing as they age.  

“It’s evident that men and women face unique health challenges,” he said.  

“Adopting a ‘tough guy’ attitude to health often leads to more men requiring hospitalisation for longer periods. Research indicates that men over 65 tend to have poorer health outcomes compared to women, excluding conditions related to male or female anatomy. 

“Science shows that up to 25 per cent of how you age is dependent on genetics and the other 75 per cent of your ageing experience is largely determined by lifestyle and environmental factors. 

“This Men’s Health Week (June 10 – 16 ), I encourage older men to integrate healthy ageing habits into their routine. This includes prioritising exercise and sleep, fostering social connections, seeking support, and engaging in volunteering or utilising their skills in a purposeful way. 

“It’s important to identify triggers for unhealthy behaviours and work to avoid them whenever possible. When triggers cannot be avoided, replace old habits with healthier alternatives and reward yourself for making positive changes. 

“By taking a proactive approach to ageing, we can narrow the health disparities between men and women and inspire future generations.” 

Further research from the Healthy Ageing Survey revealed that 71 per cent of men believe it’s possible to slow down the ageing process through lifestyle changes, yet 47 per cent have never explored assistive products. 

Assistive products, also known as assistive technology, can significantly enhance independence for older people, making daily tasks easier and preserving quality of life as they age. 

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