Virtual ice cream round brings joy to aged care residents

Glynis Van Leeuwen continues to deliver ice creams to residents

People might think the current restriction on visitors to aged care facilities would put an end to Glynis Van Leeuwen’s weekly ice cream round at Baptistcare Graceford Residential Care in Byford.

But the passionate volunteer who visits every Friday afternoon with her signature red and white mobile ice cream cart was determined her beloved residents weren’t going to miss out on their weekly treat.

So, she turned up at the front door of Graceford last week as usual, but this time with cooler packs full of ice creams to be distributed not only to the residents, but the hard-working staff who are at the frontline of providing care and support during the current Covid-19 protection measures.

Knowing that Glynis’ chats and smiles are just as important to the residents as her ice cream, staff used their mobile phones to ensure Glynis could participate virtually in the distribution.

Glynis has vowed to continue her virtual ice cream delivery every Friday until the restriction on aged care facility visitors is lifted.

Baptistcare CEO, Russell Bricknell, said volunteers like Glynis play an important role in keeping aged care residents connected and happy and her determination to keep giving to Graceford during the current challenging times was humbling.

“We are very lucky to have people like Glynis who have a genuine love and empathy for the residents they meet through volunteering,” he said.