Affordable ‘Back-Up’ digital hearing aids take-off during Covid-19

Jaspa 3 Hearing aid
Jaspa 3 hearing aid

One of Australia’s first low-cost digital hearing aids is now available and delivered directly to your front door. The Jaspa 3 hearing aid was originally developed as a ‘back-up’ digital hearing aid, or loan device, for audiology clientele, whose current pair of hearing aids were either in for repair or servicing, or had been lost. 

Audiology clientele could simply pick up the Jaspa 3 hearing aid without the need for an appointment or hearing test.

The surprise came when the majority of customers who used the Jaspa 3  hearing aid during the interim period, were extremely reluctant to return the hearing aid to their audiology clinic, even after their more expensive hearing aids had been repaired and were ready to be collected.

Once Covid-19 restrictions set in, demands for a non-contact ‘back-up’ digital hearing aid were in full flight, with most audiology clientele putting off hearing appointments altogether.

Found Hearing’s Suzanne Porter said: “Understandably many hearing aid wearers have not wanted to put themselves at additional risk by having to attend hearing appointments. Consequently, we realised that access to a high-quality ‘back-up’ digital hearing aid is essential for most hearing aid wearers, but not just during a pandemic. 

“Even the most expensive hearing aids regularly require repairs, servicing, adjustments and are commonly lost or misplaced. When this occurs many hearing aid wearers have to suffer with poor hearing until the problem is resolved. Often this can be days or even weeks that someone has to be without their hearing aids. It is extremely frustrating not just for the hearing aid wearer, but also for friends and family who are struggling to communicate with them.”

The Jaspa 3 digital hearing aid has been advanced even further since the pandemic began, and now operates on one of the world’s leading aid microchips. It holds much of the same technology as found in expensive hearing aids, including fully digital sound processing, wide dynamic range compression, feedback cancellation, noise reduction, and digital operation across 12 bands.

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, it is equipped with a simple to use volume and program control, with all other features operating automatically. 

As a broad-prescription aid, it will work for various types of hearing loss without the requirement for a hearing test. The style is a discreet ‘behind-the-ear’ open-fit design, that the majority of hearing aid wearers are already accustomed to inserting and managing. It takes a standard 312 hearing aid battery.

The Jaspa 3 hearing aid is $429 per device and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and free delivery within Australia. No hearing test or appointments are required. The Jaspa 3 hearing aid can be ordered online at or over the phone on 1300 240 114.