Little Badge…Big impact…

Legacy stands at the ready for every Australian defence family, helping them rebuild their lives, as it has done since 1923 when a small group of World War I veterans first accepted a legacy of responsibility for the widows and children of their fallen mates. 

That’s why, in 2019, one of Australia’s longest and proudest traditions, Legacy Week (Sunday 1 September to Saturday 7 September) is more important than ever. 

“Legacy Week is a way for the Western Australian community to show support for local widows and families whose loved ones have served our country,” said Legacy WA CEO Vivian Blycha. 

“Legacy badges may be small, but the funds they raise make a big impact to the lives of those who have given up so much and need us to continue to stand by their side during the tough times.” 

“These families have seen their loved ones leave our shores to serve in wars throughout time, from World War II and Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq. Many never made the journey home and others returned bearing the physical or mental scars of war,” said Vivian. 

In real terms, a $10 badge will assist Legacy with providing after school care for the child of a young widow who needs to work to support her family. 

Buying a $5 badge will help Legacy to support a widow to live her senior years at home with dignity and without social isolation. 

A $20 badge will enable Legacy to provide a veteran’s child with uniforms, buy school books or support them to pursue a tertiary education. 

Legacy badges will be available throughout the Perth Metropolitan Area, including the Perth CBD on 4 September for our major street collection. 

This Legacy Week, think about the big impact you can make by buying a small badge, or go online to donate at