Help the environment and the community by participating in Dressed by Vinnies Day

Vinnies is inviting everyone to repurpose with purpose by visiting your local Vinnies shop and purchasing an outfit to wear Friday 1 November. By getting Dressed by Vinnies you’ll be helping support your community and shopping sustainably by recycling and reducing waste. 


Because the profits from your purchases at Vinnies will go towards assisting over 50,000 Western Australians who turn to Vinnies as they struggle through tough times this year. Your support will help fund our mental health, emergency assistance, financial counselling, housing accommodation and youth services.

Not only that …

Globally, the fashion industry has become the second largest polluting industry in the world contributing 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon towards greenhouse gas emissions every year. With each Australian buying an average of 27kg of new textiles and discarding 23kg into landfill annually this is more than double the global consumption average of 13kg a person. By shopping at Vinnies it means you are recycling and reducing the amount of clothing going to landfill. 

To get involved, visit your local Vinnies shop, choose something you love and wear it on the day. You can also encourage your friends to participate by hosting a Dressed by Vinnies day morning tea or lunch.

There is a free Vinnies styling guide to help you discover stylish and unique clothes, and a host guide to help organise, motivate and inspire friends prior and on the day, all of which can be found on the Dressed by Vinnies website:

Have fun shopping sustainably and discovering fabulous clothing. Your local Vinnies is a treasure trove of goodness waiting for you.

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