Fremantle Harbour photography exhibition on display

Fremantle Exhibition
Fremantle Exhibition

Fremantle Harbour, 17 Years of Digital Photography is the latest community photographic exhibition at the WA Maritime Museum, running until May 8.

The images focus on Fremantle’s Victoria Quay, prompting visitors to reflect on the buildings, landmarks and people who work in and around this vibrant location.


There are 50 images taken by local photographer David Nicolson, who has been a constant visitor to the harbour since his arrival on the SS
with his parents in 1954.

This collection of digital images dates back to 2004: a time when digital cameras started being accepted as serious cameras, capturing quality images.

Fremantle Harbour, 17 Years of Digital Photography includes a wide range of subjects, which David hopes will take viewers on a trip, sometimes nostalgic, through the various aspects of Fremantle Harbour. 

Ships, of course, are prominent amongst the photos – but also captured are buildings of character with an emphasis on the WA Maritime Museum.

Images of particular interest are views of the harbour rarely seen by the general public. 

A photo of Fremantle
A photo of Fremantle Harbour

Copies of the photographs will be on sale at the WA Maritime Museum shop. 

WA Maritime Museum is located at Victoria Quay Road, Victoria Quay, Fremantle.