100 years of CWA – Beyond the Scones

Scones were very important to the functioning of CWA in the early days. 

The pantry on farms always had the basics – flour and sugar mostly in bulk, eggs from chickens they raised, milk and butter from the milking cow. These basic ingredients made the scone that fed the shearers for their smoko, served at the funeral wakes, suppers at the country hall dances and the various CWA friendship afternoon teas. 

Although the CWA is known for the scones it is also well known for the blue covered cookery book.

The Country Women Association of WA was founded in Nungarin in 1924 to support women living in the country. Many friendships were formed over the 100 years, often lasting a lifetime.

CWA of WA is a lobby group advocating on social issues for all women and families in the state. Some of the successful changes have been the compulsory wearing of helmets when riding bicycles and the warning labels on bottles of alcohol to help prevent Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. It was the CWA who successfully lobbied for breast screening of women for early detection of breast cancer. More recently members successfully protested the closure of the Moora boarding facility for country students.

The Association is often asked to provide items for various services. Many members are involved in the making of feely rugs for people with mental illness, special aides for women who have undergone mastectomy, neonatal items, and trauma teddies.

Members are also on call, together with other organisations, to provide disaster relief during times of bushfires and drought. In recent years the association has been able to offer scholarships to rural students studying medicine, dentistry and nursing. 

CWA can look back with pride for the service provided to the community during the past 100 years. The future is bright. There will always be a need to advocate for social reform. Bushfires and drought are part of living in Australia. Members will always extend the hand of friendship and serve their community wherever needed.

What about the scones? They will always be part of the morning tea where friends meet for a cuppa and a chat.

The Wanneroo Regional Museum together with the CWA Wanneroo Branch is holding an exhibition called Beyond the Scones from May 13 until May 24, highlighting the 100 years of community activism and its place in society today.

The museum hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and Saturday 12 noon till 4pm, Sunday closed.

Entry to this lovely museum is free. There are lots of eating houses and easy parking nearby. 

Make up a party, visit the museum showcasing the exhibition and celebrate CWA of WA’s first 100 years.