Film review: Love, Simon

In the past 10 years the coming of age genre has changed drastically giving audiences films such as The Perks of Being a Wallflowers, The Edge of Seventeen and Lady Bird to name a few.

Love, Simon focusses on seventeen-year old Simon Spier a happy, normal teenager. His parents are a stereotypical love story with a star high school athlete Jack (Josh Duhamel) marrying the valedictorian Emily (Jennifer Garner). A typical nuclear family with their white picket fence, two kids – Simon and his younger sister Nora and a dog.

With normal friends and being a semi-popular kid at school – Simon’s life seems perfect… though he has one ‘big-ass’ secret; he’s gay and hasn’t told anyone yet.

That changes when he begins emailing a fellow student at his high school who hasn’t come out either. Though he doesn’t know the identity of his classmate ‘Blue’ he begins falling for him.

Disaster strikes when Martin a fellow student discovers his email exchanges and begins to blackmail Simon to set him up with a girl.

Juggling his secret and trying to keep Martin happy proves to be hilarious and terrifying as we follow Simon on this thrilling ride about finding who you are and falling in love.

I personally loved this film and think it will become a modern classic coming of age story with its amusing, genuine and cute romantic story that is relatable for so many different people.