Film review: In Like Flynn

Australian adventure film follows young Errol on his real-life treasure hunt

Tasmanian born Errol Flynn was one of Hollywood’s earliest action movie heroes. He swash-buckled his way around film screens during the 1930s and 1940s.

He grew up in Tasmania, was educated in London and returned to Australia to complete his studies, which due to some controversy, saw him leave his grammar school earlier than planned.

Before his acting career took off, Flynn had a taste for adventure and at 18-years-old went seeking his fortune in New Guinea.

He documented much of his early adventures in his book Beam Ends published in 1937.

Based on Flynn’s adventures from Bean Ends comes Australian director Russell Mulcahy’s new film In
Like Flynn.

The expression In Like Flynn was said to have come about from Flynn’s reputation as a hard drinking, good looking ladies’ man. It’s the perfect title for the film and from the moment the movie starts the adventure begins.

Australian actor Thomas Cocquerel plays the charming and adventure loving young Errol and brings an Aussie charisma to the screen.

The film begins in the jungles of New Guinea where Flynn is guiding a film producer from Hollywood and along the way he finds a map on a dead prospector which he believes will lead him to a fortune in gold.

Flynn returns to Sydney and rounds up a crew to sail back to New Guinea to find their fortunes.

The motley and determined crew include Rex a Canadian ex-bootlegger, Dook an English gentleman whose family has lost their fortune but is handy with a gun and Charlie an old salt who lost his family to the sea.

The only way they can get to New Guinea is to steal an old yacht aptly named Sirocco which happens to belong to Chinese opium smugglers, providing further complications.

It’s certainly not smooth sailing as they make their way up the east coast with mishaps befalling the ill-fated crew.

Mulcahy has found the perfect formula to keep the film fun, pacey and with just the right amount of comedy and action adventure to produce another iconic Australian story captured on film.

Beautifully shot and with appearances from a strong Australian cast including David Wenham, Isabel Lucas and Callan Mulvey, this all action adventure, based around one of Australia’s most famous sons, will prove a box office success.

Watch In Like Flynn and get ready for an all Australian adventure film. The men will love the adventure and the ladies will love Flynn!

In Like Flynn screens in cinemas from 11 October.