Let’s get crafty…

If you are looking for crafty ideas in these uncertain times, women in all corners of Australia are discovering the joys of crafting. They can get started with a few supplies they already have at home and it’s a reliable way to renew your sense of wellbeing.

The research is clear; the wellbeing benefits of a hobby like crafting are significant. A hobby alleviates stress and trauma, as well as boosts your immune system, according to the American Public Health Association.

In these troubled times, as we try to reduce the time we spend staring at the news on our phones, the mindfulness of a hands-on hobby keeps the mind active, maintains brain health and improves memory retention.

From an emotional wellbeing perspective, hobbies let you find time for yourself and feel a sense of achievement that only creating something with your hands can provide.

One of the hardest things is taking that first step and finding the right craft for you.

People may worry they don’t have enough time, money or know-how to start a new craft but the internet is your friend and you can find many projects on YouTube and with many bloggers.

Michelle, the Creative Director of From Picture to Page Papercraft Show, is taking to the Internet with a series of simple craft tutorials which can be enjoyed from home.

Download the Heart Template below: