Review: The Candy Box

There’s nothing better than being given a bag of lollies as a sweet surprise when you walk in the door to see The Candy Box.

Our host for the evening Christa Hughes started the show with a brilliant Candy style performance of Uptown Funk which got everyone in a great mood.

Then it was a show to order as the audience chooses from menus, to decide what the feature entertainer Imogen Kelly would perform. The choices were ‘Flutterby’ or ‘Beige is the new beige’ to ‘Clair De Lune’ or ‘Terror in Turd Minor’.

The highlights of the show for me were Diesel Darling performing a disco ball burlesque dance before finishing off with a martini glass dance which had the whole audience enthralled.

The other highlight was Kelly Ann Doll dancing with Bobbie Sox combining burlesque with some amazing swing dance moves which left the everyone awed.

This isn’t your usual burlesque show, it’s a comedic and clever performance which is well as sweet as candy.

It’s burlesque with a twist and as you never know what the audience will choose it’s different every night.

The Candy Box

27 Jan – 4 Feb at 8:30pm
The Circus Theatre, Fringe Centre

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