Review: Sense and Spontaneity

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen fans will love Sense and Spontaneity.

Best friends Esther and Jessica take us on a journey into Austen’s seventh undiscovered novel Sense and Spontaneity.

Dressed in regency dresses they have a variety of different hats and props on stage setting the scene perfectly.

Each show is entirely improvised and different as they choose a member of the audience to base their character and story on.

Our heroine last night was Eve Watson who loved to upcycle and at 27 was still unmarried.

Using different hats, accents and body language to change characters throughout the show the two actresses will have you giggling at the antics the characters get up to.

A delightful and comedic show filled with an elaborate plot and some misunderstandings these best friends have fun throughout, entertaining the audience so you wonder where the hour has gone.

Austen would be proud of these two ladies as they know their historical facts from how a woman went to the bathroom at a ball and the use of twigs, salt and chalk to brush one’s teeth.

Perfect for the whole family as at the core of all Austen’s books is family values and with a side of a romance.

And everyone in the audience sure did enjoy it from a 7-year-boy to mothers, daughters and groups of friends.

Esther and Jessica have a wonderful stage presence and their improvisation skills are incredible. As an Austen lover myself this show is not to be missed and I would love to see it again.

Sense and Spontaneity

21-25 of February at 6.45pm
Circus Theatre at Fringe Central

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