Review: Séance | An Immersive Experience

Séance was one of the shows I was really looking forward to and immerse myself in the spooky experience.

Don’t go along thinking you will communicate with long lost relatives it’s an immersive experience which plays on the mind with every person having a different experience.

Realscape Productions producer Amy Johnson says they were very excited to bring the concept show created by Darkfield’s Glen Neath and David Rosenberg to Australia.

Housed in a 40-foot air-conditioned shipping container the 26 audience members are sat on very comfortable antique red velvet chairs circa 1904 surrounding a large table.

Once seated everyone puts on noise cancelling headphones, their hands on the table and then the lights go down for a performance like no other at Fringe.

The complete darkness in the room and 3D sound are the ingredients which make Séance so unique and which ensures that everyone interprets the show differently.

During the performance I had to lift the edge of my headphones off to double check that the sound was actually coming from them and not from somewhere else as the effects felt so real.

If you find it too intense you can just take off your headphones and remind yourself that you are sitting in a shipping container in Elizabeth Quay.

Without giving away too many spoilers the timings, the actor’s voices and the set creates the perfect environment for calling the spirits.

This show only runs for five days more days, if you want to get spooked get in quick as shows are selling out fast.

Séance | An Immersive Experience

The Palace Society at Seance
Jan 26- Feb 10 at various times throughout the day

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*Séance is not recommended for children under the age of 14, those who are claustrophobic, pregnant, hearing impaired, have heart or back problems… or frighten easily. The show is wheelchair accessible for one wheelchair per performance and is also appropriate for those who are vision impaired.