Review: Matt Tarrant: EVOLVE

You may remember Matt Tarrant from Channel 10’s 2016 Australian Survivor or one of his previous Fringe shows and he returns to Perth with his world premier show EVOLVE.

I loved the narrative of EVOLVE, inspired by his childhood, Matt has combined his favourite pieces of magic and stories from a colourful career as well as additional new magic never seen before.

As a 90s kid myself the references to Tazos and VHS brought back the nostalgia of childhood setting the mood to be wowed. Though I don’t want to give away too many spoilers as you have to experience the wonder of Matt’s show yourself.

“Inspired by my personal journey in magic, EVOLVE will take you on your own personal journey to enjoy and fall in love with magic all over again.”

Matt Tarrant

Audience participation is a big part of Matt’s shows and if you’re lucky to be chosen or catch the Catbus you’re in for a treat.

My favourite guest Bruce the Mind Reading Goose who I think stole the show (probably why he’s only allowed 5 minutes on stage) was back but with a new hypnotic trick.

Having put a new spin on his favourite tricks we experience a more dangerous version of the Spike Trick with a fishing hook.

It doesn’t end there… Matt then asked six members of the audience who were chosen randomly to call out a number, then he produces a lotto ticket without touching the box or the lotto ticket. I am still wondering how he does this one…

Matt’s ability for sleight of hand is well, amazing – a mashup soundtrack of popular songs featuring numbers in the lyrics and he flips cards over to match the lyrics, was very impressive.

Matt even incorporates technology into his last trick but you’ll have to go see the show to experience that yourself.

He never fails to entertain with his high energy shows that draw the audience in, making it fun for the whole family. Full of interactive magic, mentalism and with my favourite guest Bruce the Mind-reading Goose, EVOLVE will have you up at night wondering how he does it.

My only disappointment was the show was over far too quickly, Matt will draw you in with his humour and magical abilities. Even the sceptics couldn’t solve his tricks.

Matt Tarrant: EVOLVE plays strictly three weeks only.

Friday 17 January – Sunday 9 February at the MegaMouth at Yagan Square, FRINGE WORLD 2019.