Review: Grit and Glitter: A Sideshow Comedy Western

Ever wanted to be an outlaw and join a cowboy gang?

Then Grit and Glitter is the show to see during Fringe Festival.

There are some criteria to be met for joining the gang including being fast, tough, sharp minded and the essential a strong constitution.

Donny and Frankie are the leaders of the gang and show us the essentials of what it takes to be a member.

From whip cracking, knife juggling, sword swallowing, and gun twirling I wondered whether there is anything these two outlaws can’t do?

Not only did they wow us with their tricks Donny is an amazing host and loves adding in his dad jokes at every opportunity.

Being in the Wild West was never so much fun with Donny’s charisma, jokes and his impressive sword swallowing.

And of course, we can’t forget the gorgeous Frankie with her love of pink, glitter and impressive skills most notably the cabinet of death.

Pass the test and join the rodeo where you will part of the meanest, nastiest, pinkest gang around – welcome to the wild west with Grit and Glitter!

Donny and Frankie charm the audience with their humour, stage presence and amazing tricks all inspired by the Wild West.

Grit and Glitter: A Sideshow Comedy Western 

14-18 Feb at 10.15pm
Circus Theatre at Fringe Central

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