Review: Cabaret Consultations

I have the perfect prescription for a great night out at Fringe when you see Dr Ahmed’s Cabaret Consultations.

Returning to Fringe this year the good doctor shows off his singing and dancing skills in a cabaret which won’t require an aspirin.

And yes, he is a real doctor, the show starts with an explanation of how he became a doctor, some very funny photographs from his graduation and his first week working in a hospital.

Cabaret Consultations includes anecdotes both funny and serious all presented along with his personal soundtrack.

The doctor can sing, with an incredible singing voice he belts out songs of Edith Piaf to Rihanna and even a few originals.

Oh, and we can’t forget his dancing, the doctor can dance too, as he works it on the stage with everything from Indian inspired dance to twerking.

There is lots of audience participation throughout the show and nurses, doctors and dentists in the audience are invited to share their experiences.

Dr Ahmed leaves his audience with his take home prescription, “Don’t Dream it, be it – do what makes you happy even if other people don’t understand it… Life is short!”

The show is the perfect medicine for fun and I guarantee you will not be disappointed, it was one of my favourite shows.

Cabaret Consultations

19-24 February at 7.30pm
The Gold Digger at Fringe Central

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