Review: Boris & Sergey

Described as a cabaret featuring tabletop puppetry the show stars the puppets Sergey and Boris who are brothers from Eastern Europe and are brought to life by three puppeteers.

Throughout the show the audience follows them on their rags and riches tales and what I found incredible was the talent from the puppeteers who managed to convey to the audience such strong emotions on faceless puppets.

I couldn’t stop laughing during the show and neither could the audience – with the puppets breaking the fourth wall and with the puppeteers starring as several characters, it was very clever.

The quick thinking, brotherly banter and scathing humour that puppeteers Henry and Doug create between Sergey and Boris respectively is the essence which makes this show so funny and you could even see they were enjoying it – they often had to try not to laugh in various moments.

Creating a show that is adults only while using a children’s medium is innovative and the puppeteers do an incredible job with their mannerisms and actions that you can’t help but laugh, cheer and applaud them.

The puppeteers bring Boris and Sergey to life in this hilariously rude and comical story about two brothers that ends with an incredible climax, it’s different and clever, don’t miss it!

Boris & Sergey

14-25 February at 7.45pm
The Shambles at Fringe Central

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